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Protectors Series

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Battle for the Photon Core Cover
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Battle for the Photon Core

Inter-Universal Protectors: Book 1

The time has come. The story begins again.

Five thousand years ago, ten items were hidden across Creation. Enchanted with magic from an age gone by, they had the power to open a door to a realm long since forgotten. When the items were used, they sealed away one of the greatest evils to ever walk the worlds.

The hunt for the items has begun.

The stakes: free the evil or leave it trapped. Should it be freed, the Age of Darkness will begin. Nothing and no one can stop it, except for one: the holder of the opposite power, the power of good.

With the help of her friends and allies, the keeper of this power, Amneris Topanga, must track down all ten items before the followers of this great evil. But there’s a catch. The items can only be used or destroyed when all ten are together.

Sounds simple enough, right?

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The Final Downfall

Inter-Universal Protectors: Book 2

The Age of Darkness looms over Creation.

Four items remain in this race between the Lyriumians and Terpolites.

With their Leader missing in action, the remaining members of the Court of Lyriumia must find the items and face the traps protecting them. As if it wasn’t difficult enough, the Terpolites are hot on their heels. Armed with a link to Naiu’s power, Tara and her followers are closer than ever to winning the War.

The Sleepers hold them hostage.

Trapped in the Chasm of Nightmares, Amneris and Colt have been dragged deep into a world known as the Dreamscape. In order to escape, they must return to the waking world, breaking through the fantasies keeping them trapped. But fantasies are convincing. Not everyone awakens from their dreams.

The final battle is near.

There is a power that can tip the Balance, a power hidden long ago on the God Worlds. If the Dark King is freed, if this ancient power is rediscovered, Creation will be thrown into chaos with no way back. If the words of the Gods are to be believed, does that mean death is the only way to end the War once and for all?

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