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The Items

The ten items, enchanted with ancient magic, were used by Amneris to banished the Dark King Enliatu to a long lost realm. They only work when all ten are together. They can only be destroyed when all ten are together.  The ten items had to be rediscovered before they could be used to free Enliatu, allowing him to begin the Age of Darkness. So far, only six have been found.
Name: Ula'ree
Location: Maldek
Holder: Lyriumians
Name: Starryice
Location: Blispzeia
Holder: Lyriumians
Name: Icelea
Location: Ciea, U.F.W
Holder: Terpolites
Name: Millstone
Location: Glacirem
Holder: Terpolites
Name: Linlyn
Location: Mansion of Night, Tartarus 
Holder: Terpolites
Name: Shadowdrift Feather
Location: Ozialon
Holder: Terpolites

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