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Hello and Welcome

Hello! I'm Jess, a Science-Fantasy author from rural Australia. Welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy your visit to my little world on the internet.

Please scroll down to access the different areas of my website, or select a button on the header or footer. Alternatively, press one of the buttons around this message to see my popular pages.

New Release!

Meet Castelle - adventure, thief, Cor'ei - who finds herself in an unforeseen situation after a deep space heist doesn't go to plan.

My Books

From short stories to collections to novels! Find out more about my works and where to purchase.

Works include:

- Inter-Universal Protectors Series

- Short Stories

Get to know me and my stories!

About the Author

Fun Pages

Extra pages where you can learn more about the characters and symbols, and see the maps! Pages will update as more information is added.


Note: not all of this is available yet. Your patience is much appreciated.

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