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Jess-Liz Cross is an Australian Science-Fantasy writer and author of the Inter-Universal Protectors Series on Amazon. She has been writing full-length novels since she was young and published her first at 20, after getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from the University of Canberra. Jess plans to release more novels and short stories, and possibly more book series.



Jess started out as a Wattpad author before expanding to Inkitt, Royal Road and Scribble Hub. Her first and second drafts of her stories can still be found there. Jess insists readers check out the Amazon versions as they are the final completed copies of the books.

“New scenes! New characters! New stories! It’s definitely worth the wait.”

Jess begun as a student on the road to join the sciences or histories. After competing her HSC exams, she studied Creative Writing at the University of Canberra, where she has completed her Undergraduate Degree. During this time, Jess also completed studies in Literary Studies and History and Culture while continuing to work on her stories.

Jess works tutor for high school students in the areas of creative writing, ancient and modern history, and geography. As well as this, she works as a freelance editor for new and established authors, whether they wish to publish or not.


Jess looks forward to sharing her works with the world, experiencing what comes with it, and supporting her fellow writers in their endeavours.

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The Final Downfall [DATE TBA]
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